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Our researchers and graduate students address complex environmental challenges facing terrestrial and aquatic environments impacted by industry and agriculture.

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Scott Mundle
Assistant Professor

Scott Mundle has led a multidisciplinary research program involving the development of collaborative networks with universities and industrial partners in areas of organic, analytical, biological, environmental, and isotope chemistry/geochemistry.  He specializes in using compositional and isotopic environmental/geochemical tracers to characterize gas/fluid/contaminant sources and their migration/transport pathways in the oil/gas, mining, and environmental sectors. His research has ranged from applying isotope (geo)chemistry to understand fundamental chemical processes (decarboxylation and catalysis), to broader geochemical applications on contaminated surface/groundwater, carbon capture and nuclear waste storage programs, and subsurface gas/fluid migration pathways in the oil/gas and mining sectors.

Karly Dominato
PhD Student

Karly graduated from the University of Windsor with a BSc (honours) in chemistry. Her research is focused on developing geochemical approaches to characterize the fate and transport of reservoir gases/fluids from CO2/steam enhanced oil recovery operations; and their impacts on gas migration to surface from well integrity issues in the oil & gas sector.

Meagan Beaton
PhD Student

Meagan graduated from the University of Windsor with a BFrSc (honours) and Trent University with an MSc in Forensic Science. Her research focuses on developing new geoforensic approaches to characterize the fate and transport of gases in thermal oil recovery operations 

Nadia Tarakki
PhD Student
Kaylee Anagnostopoulos
MSc Student
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Nadia graduated from the University of Dhaka with a BSc in geology and MSc in Mining and Geological Engineering;  and received an MSc from St. Francis Xavier University. Her research focuses on understanding the impacts of microbial degradation on gases released from the oil and gas sector.

Kaylee is an undergraduate student studying forensic science with a specialization in biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Windsor.  She is developing analytical techniques to characterize compositional and isotopic tracers in the oil and gas sector.

Matthew Day
MSc Student
Michelle Quan
MSc Student

Matthew graduated from the University of Windsor with a BSc (honours) in earth and environmental sciences. His research focuses on using stable isotope approaches to characterize the influence of conventional and thermal oil recovery on near surface soils and wetlands.

Michelle is an undergraduate biochemistry student with hands-on experience as a laboratory technician intern at CNOOC International in Ft. McMurray, AB.  She is characterizing the chemical processes and impacts of steam injection on bitumen in thermal oil recovery operations. 


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Kelsey Friesen (MSc)

Florent Blancho (RA)

Matviy Prokipchuk (Undergraduate Summer Student)

Grace Enns (Undergraduate Thesis)

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